Here is our new single, “Easy Tiger”!

Tuesday Apr 4 @ 12:25am
New Single. Easy Tiger. Coming Soon.

New Single. Easy Tiger. Coming Soon.

Sunday Apr 4 @ 07:29pm
Now available exclusively online at

with love, 

Now available exclusively online at

with love, 


Wednesday Feb 2 @ 07:33pm

Almost done with drums for The Careful Ones record! #thecarefulones (at Inertia Sound Studio)


Almost done with drums for The Careful Ones record! #thecarefulones (at Inertia Sound Studio)

Sunday Dec 12 @ 04:55pm

The Careful Ones: A Short Biography

During the summer of 2011 childhood best friends, Joshua and Benji, reunited after years of college and travel. Sharing similar struggles and disconnects, they realized the lives they lived apart from each other over the years were strikingly similar (loss of loved ones and personal illness). Joshua asked if Benji would take on a project with him in hopes that others would find their shared stories just as comfortingly familiar. “Creating music with Benji came to be a therapeutic gift that transcended anything we could have imagined,” Joshua recalls, “A few honest moments led to a few honest songs.”

"I think with any sort of success there is this business minded pressure that pervades and prevents honest expression. We just happened to stumble across more songs while spending countless late nights together."

From Lakeland, Florida, The Careful Ones are Joshua Robinson, Benji Bussell, Steele Strader, Stephen Howell and Jon Santana.

Monday Dec 12 @ 12:27am


Back when we weren’t older dear,

Back when we were sober here

On that hilltop where we’d run

Where we’d take photographs crippled by the sun

We Were Young

Oh my God I’ve heard we’re one

but we were young and didn’t know the significance

but in that garden hind’ your fathers house

Our knees were soiled to the color of your blouse

We Were Young

Oh We Were Younger

We were told we’d always be younger

Did we ever love, were we just kids who knew nothing of it?

and fearlessly I’d march that victory home

and I’d stare at the ceiling then with the taste of cinnamon that begged to be left


Oh we were younger.

Monday Dec 12 @ 03:15pm

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PREMIERE: The Careful Ones Music Video “When We Were Younger”

Monday Dec 12 @ 03:14pm


Artist: the careful ones

Track Name: we were younger

Demographics: florida gets to the point

Why: cause we were…

Prognosis: it’s really hard nowadays to resist the charm of a hundred buttons flashing in front of you as you skillfully produce your sparkling new tech-infused hymn, but “the careful ones” do just that…they resist and succeed in producing the most difficult kind of music; the honestly simple one (and simple certainly doesn’t mean easy…unless you can play strings- and I don’t mean the underwear- with bare teeth). look out for their second album sometime this spring!



Tuesday Nov 11 @ 05:40pm


The Careful Ones - When We Were Young

A wistful jaunt down memory lane.

Our brand new single.

Tuesday Nov 11 @ 05:38pm
Single Releases Tomorrow.

Single Releases Tomorrow.

Monday Nov 11 @ 03:16pm